Sleep, Weight Gain, & Diabetes Found to be Linked


Did you know weight gain and poor sleep lead into each other in a way that creates a cycle? Eating unhealthy food causes weight gain but weight gain leads to sleep problems. According to a study reported on January 3, 2015, poor sleep can cause weight gain which leads to diabetes. All of your body’s systems feed in to one another and unfortunately, weight gain and sleep problems cycle in to one another.

The Sleep Disorders Clinic of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reports, “People who suffer breathing and heart rate abnormalities are likely to develop diabetes and the risk increase if they have a heredity proclivity.” If you know you have a breathing or heart rate problem, it is important to stay aware of this condition and get assessed for sleep apnea. Many of the precursors for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are indicated by breathing and heart rate problems. Because your airways are blocked for a few seconds during sleeping, your body will experience metabolic changes.

A neurology specialist at UNAM, Rossana Huerta Albarran said, “A person who has apnea and diabetes risk factors is likely to develop the condition. This happens because the sleep disorder causes metabolic changes by increasing insulin resistance.” The cycle of weight gain, apnea, and diabetes goes as follows:

• Weight Gain from Poor Eating • Lower Quality of Sleep • Increased Likelihood of Sleep Apnea • Weight Gain from Poor Sleep • Increased Diabetes Risk • Metabolic Changes Increasing Insulin Resistance • Poor Sleep Because of Apnea and Apnea • Increased Risk for Hypertension and High Cholesterol

Whether you have genes or other conditions working against you, it is essential to remain aware of your physical health. The quality of sleep you get is important to your overall health and regulates many of your body systems. General recommendations for people experiencing weight gain are to eat low sugar food, exercise regularly, and sleep well.

If you are concerned about the way you sleep or you want to see if you have diabetes or sleep apnea, book an appointment at FusionSleep. We can assess your sleep and discuss solutions for your health concerns.