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ADHD and Sleep Disorders Have Similar Symptoms

Because of the increase in awareness of both ADHD and sleep disorders, there has been a significant number of studies conducted on both of these medical concerns. Throughout the studies, very interesting results have occurred.

Sleep Loss May Lead to Brain Damage

Naps on the weekends don’t make up for pulling all-nighters or having extended periods of wakefulness. For years now, it has been accepted wisdom that people with “sleep-debt” during the week can make up the sleep debt on the weekends. Although this was not an ideal situation, sleep experts have accepted the “sleep-debt” viewpoint for their patients.

Catching Up On Sleep Does Not Reverse Sleep Loss

During the work week it can be tough to get all of the sleep you need, so for many people it is a common practice to ‘catch up’ on sleep on the weekends. Does catching up on your sleep reverse the effects of sleep loss?

Sleep Loss Leads to Weight Gain

n recent decades, the number of adults sleeping six hours or less per night has significantly increased. Sleeping less can have negative effects on your body and can cause you to gain weight more easily.