Who is Qualified?

Who is Qualified inSleep Medicine?

Sleep Medicine is a Complex Medical Specialty requiring years of training, commitment,  and broad knowledge of how the brain and body work, rest, and rejuvenate. Treating sleep disorders requires a considered approach and careful analysis of many facets in a person’s health and life.

Recognized as one of the very best in the United States, FusionSleep® offers the only Complete Sleep Medicine Program located right here in Atlanta.

For a Sleep Medicine Program to be considered Complete it must include:

  • Program Dedicated to Sleep Medicine
  • Expertise with Multiple Therapeutic Options
  • Accredited, Independent Clinic and Center
  • Physicians Board Certified in Sleep Medicine
  • Focus on Disease Prevention and Management
  • Serving Children and Adults of All Ages
  • 24-hr Patient Support Center


FusionSleep® is the Only Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Program in the Region. The Program combines professional Sleep Medicine Expertise with multiple treatment options for both children and adults.