National Accreditation

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is a professional organization dedicated to the assurance of quality care for patients with sleep disorders, the advancement of sleep research, and public and professional education.

Credibility & Commitment

Our Sleep Medicine Program is Nationally Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the benchmark for excellence in Sleep Medicine.

Night at the Sleep Center

Unlike hospital-based facilities, we provide care in a free standing facility offering a hotel-like environment. Our staff is focused on making the experience as comfortable and effective as possible. Our Center is designed to re-create the most natural, normal, and clean sleeping environment which results in a comfortable experience.

Who is Qualified?

Sleep Medicine is a Complex Medical Specialty requiring years of training, commitment,  and broad knowledge of how the brain and body work, rest, and rejuvenate. Treating sleep disorders requires a considered approach and careful analysis of many facets in a person’s health and life.

Sleep Medicine Program

The FusionSleep® Facility in Johns Creek, Georgia FusionSleep® combines unparalleled expertise in Sleep Medicine with multiple treatment options for both children and adults.

With an integrated full-service Patient Support Program, all patients receive close follow-up from dedicated Sleep Medicine professionals.