Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

These methods teach patients how to change actions or thoughts that impede the natural sleep process. Patients learn how to regain control of their sleep by developing sleep promoting behaviours and thoughts.

At FusionSleep, we work with psychiatrists and psychologists to provide cognitive behavioral therapies in-house with Dr. Rosenberg and online to manage sleep issues that may contribute to insomnia.

  • Treating restless legs syndrome
  • Treating insomnia
  • Treating circadian rhythm disorders
  • Treating narcolepsy


An additional option for FusionSleep patients may be the SHUTi program. Our physicians can help determine if SHUTi is a good fit for your needs.

How many hours and months of sleep in total have you missed due to your insomnia? How does that compare to an investment of six one-hour SHUTi sessions delivered over the next five weeks?

Scientific research studies show that SHUTi™ can be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy delivered in face-to-face sessions with a sleep expert — but from the privacy and convenience of home. Enroll now and start your journey back to restful sleep.