FusionSleep’s Dr. Durmer Discusses Sleep and Its Role on Healthy Explosion BlogTalkRadio

Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD was recently the featured expert and co-host of Martina Desgouttes’ holistic health show Healthy Explosion on BlogTalkRadio. Dr. Durmer is Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth. During the show, Dr. Durmer and Ms. Desgouttes discussed sleep and its effect on health and wellness. In this fifteen minute segment, Dr. Durmer focuses on the body’s general need for sleep as well as the different stages of sleep that our bodies go through on a nightly basis. According to Dr. Durmer, sleep is the third pillar of health that often gets overlooked and ignored. Diet and exercise—while important for your health and wellness—are not the only factors at play when it comes to your body’s ability to function at its peak. Click below to listen to Dr. Durmer explain the many facets of sleep.