FusionSleep’s Dr. Durmer Discusses When to Seek a Sleep Specialist on Healthy Explosion BlogTalkRadio

Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD was recently the featured expert and co-host of Martina Desgouttes’ holistic health show Healthy Explosion on BlogTalkRadio. Dr. Durmer is Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth®. During the show, Dr. Durmer and Ms. Desgouttes discussed when individuals should seek the help of a sleep specialist and the long-term benefits of treating Sleep Disorders.As Dr. Durmer points out, everyone has problems with sleep now and then. The real danger he says is when the occasional issue turns into a weekly event.


Snoring or moving more than normal are two red flags that indicate a Sleep Disorder is present. Dr. Durmer says your first step should be to enlist the advice of your family doctor to see if there are any existing medical conditions that might help account for your sleep problems. Often the next step is seeking the aid of a board certified sleep specialist. Seeing a specialist can ensure that you are properly diagnosed and receive the appropriate therapy. Dr. Durmer and Ms. Desgouttes complete the show with vital information on sleep requirements, sleep specialists, and where to go for help. Click below to listen to the final segment.