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Prevent Chronic Disease

Sleep is a cornerstone of your health. Sleep disorders can erode this foundation, even without your knowledge. Over 30% of Americans have Sleep Disorders, but most do not know it.

The consequences are scientifically proven and include the risk of developing other serious diseases, including the following:

Heart Failure
Type II Diabetes
Weight Gain
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Immune System Deficiencies

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Excessive daytime sleepiness–not necessarily the inability to fall asleep–can be the main symptom of a sleep disorder. The quality of sleep you get matters as much as the quantity.

Learn About How Sleep Disorders Affect Millions

Associated daytime sleepiness is well-known to increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents and death. Memory impairment, diminished academic performance, reduced productivity, depression, and anxiety, as well as diminished sexual interest and performance are also common consequences of sleep disorders.

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