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Sleep Study on 11 Alive News

Although an estimated 40 million people suffer from sleep disorders, only about 20% of those people have been diagnosed. Could you be part of the other 80%?

Catching Up On Sleep Does Not Reverse Sleep Loss

During the work week it can be tough to get all of the sleep you need, so for many people it is a common practice to ‘catch up’ on sleep on the weekends. Does catching up on your sleep reverse the effects of sleep loss?

Getting Too Much or Too Little Sleep Impacts Health

In a study on sleep duration, individuals who experiences long or short sleep durations were more likely to rate themselves in poor health than healthy sleepers. Long sleep duration is defined as getting nine hours or more per night. Short sleep duration is defined as getting five hours or less per night. Normal sleepers are in the range of eight to nine hours per night.

Sleep Loss Leads to Weight Gain

n recent decades, the number of adults sleeping six hours or less per night has significantly increased. Sleeping less can have negative effects on your body and can cause you to gain weight more easily. 

Sleep-Disordered Breathing Tied to Lower Exercise Capacity and High Blood Pressure

Research continues to verify the important of regular sleep on the rest of your body. Sleep-disordered breathing is associated with lower exercise capacity and increased blood pressure. Sleep-disordered breathing is characterized by pauses in breathing or decreased quantity of ventilation during sleep.

Driving While Drowsy: 55% of drivers admit to the habit

As the holiday season approaches, many groups of families and friends will be setting out on road trips. Getting the whole family together in one place means driving long-distances and at high speeds.

Poor Sleep Leads to Skin Aging

Sleep deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in the skin's ability to recover from sun exposure. A recent study commissioned by Estee Lauder is the first to "conclusively demonstrate that inadequate sleep is correlated with reduced skin health and accelerates aging".

Tonight’s Full Moon May Impact Your Sleep

September 19 marks the next full moon on our calendar. There are many myths and stories about what a full moon can do to a person. For years, there has been speculation about the effects of a full moon on births, heart attacks, deaths, violence, hospital admissions, and even pet injuries. 

Patients with Sleep Apnea May Present a Surgical Risk

More and more attention is being drawn to sleep apnea and its effect on patients undergoing surgery. Because not many studies have been dedicated to sleep apnea and risks associated with surgery, less than one in four hospitals in the United States and Canada have policies to manage surgical patients with sleep apnea.

Improve Your Child’s Learning by Creating a Healthy Sleep Pattern

As the school year starts again, parents should be reminded that poor sleep can impact their child’s learning. Summer can dramatically affect sleep schedules but it is important to get in the back-to-school routine.