Tired? Your Body is Talking to You 

If you are tired, it is important to listen to your body’s signals about sleep. The signals your body sends you for sleeping and waking are dictated by circadian rhythms. These rhythms most often follow the 24-hour period of one day. In a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan, researchers found that the neurons running your circadian rhythms are more complex than previously thought. It is very important to pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you concerning wakefulness and exhaustion. As researchers learn more and more about the neurons in the brain, it has become evident that you brain’s sense of time is dictated by a more complicated set of circadian rhythms than previously thought.

In the past, scientists though a small group of controlling neurons communicated signals to the remaining thousands of clock neurons. Orie Shafer an assistant professor from the University of Michigan explains their findings as, “Our work suggests that it’s more of a committee decision. There are several important groups of time neurons that interact with each other to produce a sense of time.” Scientists have known for some time that people carry an internal clock dictated by their brain. It seems there is not a small group in control but rather a group decision made by the neurons based on environmental cues.

Why do scientists care about circadian rhythms? It has been found that failure to follow circadian rhythms is associated with stress, obesity, diabetes, and cancers. The team conducting the study recommends, “You shouldn’t continually ignore what time it is in your brain…These are intricate, highly-evolved timepieces that are there for a reason.”

People used to live based on environmental factors like light and temperature changes. In the modern world, we live based on our work schedules and busy family lives. For example, constant exposure to artificial light or eating late at night will reset your clock. Shafer says, “In this very complicated modern world, we get all the natural cures – for example, the sun coming up and going down every day. People who stay up late, they’re getting conflicting information about what time it is.”

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