Sleep Study on 11 Alive News

Although an estimated 40 million people suffer from sleep disorders, only about 20% of those people have been diagnosed. Could you be part of the other 80%? Last week, 11 Alive’s Blayne Alexander visited Dr. Jeffrey Durmer at FusionSleep Clinic to assess her own sleep health. Blayne said that although her results were largely positive, there were some surprising things in the data. Watch the video of her consultation with Dr. Durmer below:


As with most Americans, 11 Alive’s Blayne Alexander has a busy schedule that often disrupts her sleep schedule. She went into the FusionSleep clinic with her own pillows and a sleep deficit, but she left with a new understanding of her sleep patterns and potential red flags. She’s now able to make better sleep decisions for herself and her family.

Blayne Alexander’s experience in the video above demonstrates a typical sleep study at FusionSleep:

  • FusionSleep aims to create a night as routine as client’s normal sleep habits
  • Each client sleeps in their own private bedroom for monitoring
  • Clients are covered with comfortable wired monitors to collect sleep data
  • The team will analyze your results with you, including your sleep cycles and potential disruptions

Sleep isn’t just something that happens; it’s a science. Dr. Durmer and the rest of the team at FusionSleep can help you reprioritize sleep for a healthier life. As Dr. Durmer says, “instead of thinking of sleep as the end of one day, think of it as the beginning of the next.”

FusionSleep can help you diagnose and treat your sleep conditions. Contact us today for a consultation.