FusionHealth’s Dr. Riney and Dr. Patel Talk Jet Lag in Atlanta's Jezebel Magazine

Hot off the presses—and on newsstands today—is Atlanta's Jezebel magazine, featuring an article on Jet Lag for which our own Dr. Riney and Dr. Patel were the subject matter experts. Just in time for the holiday rush, this piece, found in the mind + body section of the magazine, provides you with Dr. Riney and Dr. Patel’s 10 tips for eliminating the draining effects of jet lag. This season, fly to spend the holiday with the ones you love without the haze and fog of jet lag. Click here to access the full article on how to send jet lag packing.

Dr. Riney and Dr. Patel’s 10 Tips for Beating Jet Lag:

1) Get plenty of sleep several days prior to flying home for the holidays

2) Find a flight that arrives early in the evening

3) Eat light snacks and ditch the unhealthy heavy meals

4) Wind your watch to match your destination’s time zone when boarding

5) Get plenty of rest and adjust to a new time zone in a matter of days not weeks

6) Take comfort items from home that may help you sleep better in your new environment

7) Save the alcohol for the holiday parties. Alcohol is a stimulant that prevents sleep

8) Get up and walk around during your flight every two hours or so to keep your muscles loose

9) Get that internal clock ticking by spending a few hours in the sun

10) Remove the items from your new room that may disturb your sleep, such as light and noise

Following these 10 tips will help ensure that your travels are filled with fun and not the usual downers associated with jet lag.