The Link Between Restless Legs Syndrome and Hypertension

Are you having trouble falling asleep due to an irresistible need to move your legs and kick the sheets? About 15 percent of the adult population experiences the same issue. The intermittent, often painful and disruptive movement of the legs during sleep is known as restless legs syndrome (RLS), and has been linked to hypertension and cardiovascular disease in several studies.

While we sleep, our bodies are normally calm and in a relaxed state. However, symptoms of RLS can trigger a “fight or fight” response, consequently increasing stress levels and blood pressure. Studies within the past decade have concluded that there is a strong correlation between high blood pressure and RLS. One study also discovered that high blood pressure is increasingly more common in women than in men. In fact, the prevalence of hypertension in females with RLS is nearly double that of males.

RLS can be caused by dopamine dysfunctions in the central nervous system or even iron deficiencies. With assessment and therapy, symptoms of RLS can be treated to help you receive a better night’s rest.

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