What is a Circadian Rhythm Anyway?

Are you a morning bird or a night owl? The answer may lie with your circadian rhythm. According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, your circadian rhythm consists of “physical, mental and behavioral changes” that follow a daily cycle.

Circadian rhythms differ from person to person. They are influenced by our natural biological clocks as well as external contributors in our environments, including daylight, darkness and demanding work and school schedules. The varying levels of sleepiness and wakefulness we feel throughout a day are due to our individual circadian rhythms.

However, getting circadian rhythms to adjust to life’s demands is, in fact, possible. With methods such as blue light therapy, the misalignment between naturally-occurring circadian rhythms and daily demands can be manipulated to better benefit the patient. For instance, blue light therapy suppresses melatonin production and delays sleep onset. Through repeated processes and monitored doses of blue light, an individual can significantly alter his or her sleep schedule to meet his or her needs.

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