3 Major Reasons a Lack of Sleep is Affecting Your Work

Many high-achieving business people like to boast about how they can function on very little sleep and still be able to manage their vast empires. However, the idea that time spent sleeping is wasted time is one that needs to be debunked. Sleep deprivation can become a major villain attacking your overall health and the successfulness of your work life in three ways.

You won’t be able to think fast on your feet.

When you sleep, your body cleanses the toxins that attach themselves to your brain’s neural transmitters during the daytime, allowing you to have a refreshed mind and clean slate for the next day. Not getting enough sleep means that these toxins build up like a plaque and slow down the effectiveness of the transmitters, making it harder for you to solve problems and communicate.

You’ll catch yourself with your nose in your books (or computer keyboard), literally.

A lack of sleep can haunt you all the way to your work desk, tempting you to doze off when you really should be working on your company’s next big report. But the next time your eyelids start feeling heavy, think twice before grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee. Caffeine, although helpful for a quick energy boost, can have an adverse effect on your overall sleep health. Because 25% of caffeine still lingers in your body for days after you initially consume it, adding a lack of sleep and drinking more coffee can create a vicious cycle.

You’ll be making careless mistakes at work.

It’s been shown in previous studies that a lack of sleep can have the same effects as being drunk. You wouldn’t go to work drunk, would you? When you don’t have enough sleep, you’ll be less likely to catch errors in your work, such as spelling typos and simple math miscalculations. You should be your best when you walk into work, and making sure you get at least seven hours of sleep every night can help you achieve that.

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