Ways to Recover From Sleep Debt

For most adults, getting the recommended amount of sleep each night can be difficult. With busy schedules that demand earlier mornings and later nights, eight hours of sleep seems like a forgone dream. However, cutting corners on sleep can put you in debt—sleep debt.

While we’re awake, our bodies produce a chemical called adenosine, but while we’re asleep, adenosine gets broken down. Without sleep, our adenosine levels build up, making us more desperate to catch some shut-eye. If you skimp on sleep, the levels of adenosine in your blood can’t be broken down, and your amount of sleep debt increases.  

With small payments, you can recover from sleep debt. You can take regular naps, go to bed a little earlier, sleep in a few minutes later, or hit snooze a couple of times on your Saturday mornings. A little can go a long way, and before you know it, you’ll be getting the right amount of sleep recommended for you by the National Sleep Foundation.

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