Ending Daylight Saving and Beginning Better Sleep

Daylight Saving Time has come to an end, which means you finally got an extra hour to sleep—if only for one day. Making the transition to earlier hours gives you an opportunity to get your sleep back on schedule and pack in time for new morning routines, such as hitting the gym, grabbing a coffee or going for a run.

With the time change, it won’t be surprising to see some sluggishness around the workplace during the afternoon. Of course, coffee can help, but there is also a natural alternative that will perk your office up. By switching some of the lightbulbs in your workspace to blue light or alertness-promoting bulbs, you can help your coworkers stay awake through their afternoon slumps. Blue light aids in suppressing melatonin production so that you won’t get sleepy as the work day progresses. You also only need 20 minutes of exposure in order for it to take effect.

Just because you’ll be setting your clocks back one hour doesn’t mean that the time change should hold you back too. Take this opportunity to take a positive step forward in your sleep hygiene by practicing healthier sleeping habits. To learn how you can finally get the best sleep of your life, give our team of certified sleep specialists a call at (678) 990-3962 today.