Sleep Like a Champion

They’re hustling across finish lines, earning trophies and medals and rapidly climbing to the top—literally. Professional athletes are always on the run between training workouts, team practices and competitions, so how does sleep fit into their schedules?

According to an article on Yahoo! Health, an estimated 75 percent of athletes aren’t getting enough sleep—a huge factor that can detrimentally affect their athletic performance. Thankfully, the post also lists several ways professional and collegiate athletes can get more sleep. Want to sleep like a champion and earn some quality ZZZs? Your gold medal won’t be too far away with these trophy-worthy tips to sleep like a champion.

If you are having consistent trouble sleeping or staying asleep, you could be suffering from a sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorders are very common and can be resolved with proper treatment and care. If you suspect that you or someone you love may be suffering from a sleep disorder, please contact our team of certified sleep specialists at (678) 990-3962 to set up a consultation appointment today.