Feeling “slangry?” Lack of sleep causes irritability

Has anyone ever told you that might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Regardless of which side of the bed you sleep on, the way you feel emotionally after you wake up can be significantly linked to your sleep.

Your brain’s amygdala is responsible for regulating your emotions. In a recent study, researchers found that after a sleepless night, people respond to both neutral and unpleasant images with the same level of amygdala activity. But in people who have had a good night’s sleep, the researchers noticed that the levels of activity in the amygdala after seeing both neutral and unpleasant images were different. They only had high levels of activity in the amygdala when they saw the unpleasant images, and not when they saw the neutral images.

Sleep deprivation prevents your brain from refreshing, and can make you more sensitive to situations when you wake up. Because getting a good night’s sleep will better your mood the next day, be sure to hit the sheets a little earlier (or sleep in a little later!) so that you can be your best self.

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